Marketing Friends GmbH

The company Marketing Friends GmbH has several specialized teams operating in the area of marketing, consulting, sales, programming and design. Thanks to this range of fields, we can work according to the Principle of Masaledo.

We work according to the principle of masaledo


consulting and customer care

Silvio and his team with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of project management, financing and interim management, will lead you throughout the project. Silvio is your direct partner in Masaledo and he is also the first person to contact. Daniel is a qualified consultant in the area of subsidies, who has been warmly welcomed in the company Marketing Friends GmbH. He will analyse and optimise your e-shop in terms of subsidies and he will give you advice on other options.


Jan comes with over thirty years of experience in the field of sales/marketing, and he will support you in sales and invoicing of your products. In addition to his portfolio of addresses in the area of B2B, which counts over 300,000 addresses, he is backed by a team of sales representatives, who will open new sales paths for you. In addition, he has gained lots of experience in developing successful e-commerce applications in recent years.


Gregor is one of the creative minds of the company Marketing Friends. He and his team are dedicated to the area of graphic design and marketing. The main attention is paid to the individual graphics, user-friendly structure and simple desktop for users. In addition, he and his team are involved in on-line marketing, search-engine optimisation and social media. Christian will give you support in the area of printed materials. He will create various printed materials for your e-shop, such as flyers, brochures and catalogues.


Fabian will implement the proposed graphics. With his team, composed of IT specialists, he will programme your e-shop and ensure that all functions and project requirements of your e-shop will work. We place emphasis on handling the current security and technical issues.

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