case 2: e-Shop optimizing

masaledo-prinzip – e-shop optimizing



After Michael had taken over his father’s company Bauteck GmbH, he opened a new sales channel, an e-shop, for it. The medium-sized business, which has become a recognized manufacturer and retailer of tools and construction machinery, sells its products in Germany and in Austria. But Michal has found out that the e-shop does not generate the required turnover as he imagined. This can have a lot of causes. On the one hand, it is possible that the e-shop cannot be found with Google. On the other hand, the structure and graphics of the e-shop might not be user-friendly sufficiently. So, the possible e-shop customers gave their shopping up before the actual purchase. First, Michael needs to find out the cause.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, a partner with specialists in the field of production, sales, design and production effectiveness stands by him. We will analyse Michael’s current e-shop and re-develop it in terms of search-engine optimization and user-friendliness for customers. Furthermore, we will take care of sales and marketing of the new re-developed e-shop.

Recommendations: Ceramic Art Factory – ceramic headstone items and pet urns

Ceramic Art Factory produces unique headstone items for stylish design of graves. Furthermore, Ceramic Art Factory produces urns for animals as the last tribute to pets. The headstone items and pet urns can all be fitted with an image, which is retained for decades thanks to a special burning process. The ceramic material is robust, features long life and it is resistant to weather. The tomb image or pet urn are fit for the stylish decoration of graves as the ceramic material combines the beauty and the durability.

Marketing Friends GmbH has analysed this current e-shop and optimised it. They have developed a new graphic design of the e-shop. The e-shop has been optimised using texts and search keywords for search engines. Since that moment, the company Marketing Friends has been supporting Ceramic Art Factory in the marketing and promotion of their products and the actual e-shop.

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