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Which situations can the company Marketing Friends GmbH support you in?

User Cases – Andreas
he has no e-shop for the time being, but he wants to change this.
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User Cases – Michael
he has got an e-shop but it is still not doing well!
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User Cases – Annett
she has got an e-shop, but she is looking for new marketing channels.
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User Cases – Susanne
she is looking for help with optimizing her e-shop.
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case 1: the new e-shop

masaledo-prinzip – he has not e-shop yet



Andreas is a managing director of the company Sanitär-Versandhandel GmbH, which was founded almost 15 years ago. The company has developed from a small family business into a respected medium-sized company. The company offers an extensive range of products for craft businesses dealing in the heating and sanitary (plumbing) industries. It also offers goods for end-users in the field of “Do-It-Yourself”. Andreas wants to open up the e-shop for his wholesale. The e-shop should be a new sales channel. Since he has little experience in this field, he is looking for a reliable partner who will support him in the development of the new e-shop.

The company Marketing Friends GmbH will help Andreas and it will be the partner who has its specialists in the areas of production, design and programming effectiveness. Throughout the development of his e-shop, we will work according to the Principle of Masaledo and support Andreas in the role of his consultants, programmers, designers and retailers.

Recommendations: Speed Repair Direkt GmbH – Repairs to Trucks and Tents

FLICKLY – Prevents anger when the material fails

Flickly is a self-adhesive product developed in Germany, intended for repairing cracks in various materials. Originally, Flickly was developed for repairs to trucks and their tarpaulins to avoid unnecessary downtimes on borders or during police checks. However, further ways of application have been discovered recently. They include, for example, repairs to tents.

Marketing Friends GmbH provided support to the owner of the company Speed Repair Direkt GmbH in the development of his e-shop. We developed graphics, implemented it and optimized the e-shop for search engines. We also came up with the name of the product, “FLICKLY”, and created a suitable slogan “Avoids Anger When Material Fails”, so that the product could be marketed better. Since that moment, the company Marketing Friends GmbH has become the partner of the company Speed Repair Direkt GmbH and it supports the business in selling its products as well as in the operation of the e-shop.

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case 2: e-Shop optimizing

masaledo-prinzip – e-shop optimizing



After Michael had taken over his father’s company Bauteck GmbH, he opened a new sales channel, an e-shop, for it. The medium-sized business, which has become a recognized manufacturer and retailer of tools and construction machinery, sells its products in Germany and in Austria. But Michal has found out that the e-shop does not generate the required turnover as he imagined. This can have a lot of causes. On the one hand, it is possible that the e-shop cannot be found with Google. On the other hand, the structure and graphics of the e-shop might not be user-friendly sufficiently. So, the possible e-shop customers gave their shopping up before the actual purchase. First, Michael needs to find out the cause.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, a partner with specialists in the field of production, sales, design and production effectiveness stands by him. We will analyse Michael’s current e-shop and re-develop it in terms of search-engine optimization and user-friendliness for customers. Furthermore, we will take care of sales and marketing of the new re-developed e-shop.

Recommendations: Ceramic Art Factory – ceramic headstone items and pet urns

Ceramic Art Factory produces unique headstone items for stylish design of graves. Furthermore, Ceramic Art Factory produces urns for animals as the last tribute to pets. The headstone items and pet urns can all be fitted with an image, which is retained for decades thanks to a special burning process. The ceramic material is robust, features long life and it is resistant to weather. The tomb image or pet urn are fit for the stylish decoration of graves as the ceramic material combines the beauty and the durability.

Marketing Friends GmbH has analysed this current e-shop and optimised it. They have developed a new graphic design of the e-shop. The e-shop has been optimised using texts and search keywords for search engines. Since that moment, the company Marketing Friends has been supporting Ceramic Art Factory in the marketing and promotion of their products and the actual e-shop.

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case 3: new sales channels

masaledo-prinzip – new sales channels for her e-shop



A few years ago, Annett implemented her business plan – she created her chocolate and praline e-shop. Being a trained engineer in the field of confectionary, she improves already forgotten recipes with various flavours. In addition, she produces chocolate in various forms. Annett sells her entire assortment exclusively through the e-shop. For this purpose, she is looking for a reliable partner, who will support her in the development of her marketing system.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, Annett has a partner by her side, who has an already-existing marketing network. We will carry out the analysis of the target group and we will advise her on which marketing channels should be considered. In doing so, we will develop an on-line marketing strategy, including the social-media campaign.

Recommendations: Masaledo e-shop for heating and sanitary industries

Everybody who builds or repairs a house must lay out each room in advance. Most builders would like their dreams to come true and build their own houses for their families. One of the most important rooms is the bathroom. You can find everything you need to build your dreamt bathroom in the Masaledo e-shop for heating and sanitary installations.

The company Marketing Friends GmbH has optimized the e-shop Masaledo for heating and sanitary industries. The optimization included not only texts optimized for search engines, but also restructuring and making the e-shop known. For this purpose, the company Marketing Friends GmbH uses the sales network B2B with the address portfolio counting over 300,000 addresses.

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case 4: consulting and customer care

masaledo-prinzip – consultancy to optimize the e-shop



Susanne has had her e-shop for her own designer and fashion brand for a year. In this way, she has opened another marketing channel for her. The design of the e-shop has been aligned with the corporate design of her company. The e-shop features a great recognition value, which is very important to Susanne. Susanne is looking for a partner, who will help her spread the popularity of this e-shop. Of course, she does not want to be overshadowed by an umbrella brand, but she wants to retain her own design.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, a partner with specialists in the sales of products of this e-shop stands by her side. Our services are all offered in a way, so that you do not need to act under the Principle Masaledo.

the Team Direkt Onlineshop for coverage and protection

TEAM DIREKT Onlineshop for tradesmen is your specialist in clean and dust-free working. Here you can find professional and high-quality products preventing the formation of dust and dirt on construction sites, in new buildings, during refurbishment and modernisation. This will give a perfect image for customers. The right products for the protection against dirt and damage will support your innovative approach, dealing with customers, and they contribute to the key factor for the success and future of your business.

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