case 3: new sales channels

masaledo-prinzip – new sales channels for her e-shop



A few years ago, Annett implemented her business plan – she created her chocolate and praline e-shop. Being a trained engineer in the field of confectionary, she improves already forgotten recipes with various flavours. In addition, she produces chocolate in various forms. Annett sells her entire assortment exclusively through the e-shop. For this purpose, she is looking for a reliable partner, who will support her in the development of her marketing system.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, Annett has a partner by her side, who has an already-existing marketing network. We will carry out the analysis of the target group and we will advise her on which marketing channels should be considered. In doing so, we will develop an on-line marketing strategy, including the social-media campaign.

Recommendations: Masaledo e-shop for heating and sanitary industries

Everybody who builds or repairs a house must lay out each room in advance. Most builders would like their dreams to come true and build their own houses for their families. One of the most important rooms is the bathroom. You can find everything you need to build your dreamt bathroom in the Masaledo e-shop for heating and sanitary installations.

The company Marketing Friends GmbH has optimized the e-shop Masaledo for heating and sanitary industries. The optimization included not only texts optimized for search engines, but also restructuring and making the e-shop known. For this purpose, the company Marketing Friends GmbH uses the sales network B2B with the address portfolio counting over 300,000 addresses.

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