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Andreas is a managing director of the company Sanitär-Versandhandel GmbH, which was founded almost 15 years ago. The company has developed from a small family business into a respected medium-sized company. The company offers an extensive range of products for craft businesses dealing in the heating and sanitary (plumbing) industries. It also offers goods for end-users in the field of “Do-It-Yourself”. Andreas wants to open up the e-shop for his wholesale. The e-shop should be a new sales channel. Since he has little experience in this field, he is looking for a reliable partner who will support him in the development of the new e-shop.

The company Marketing Friends GmbH will help Andreas and it will be the partner who has its specialists in the areas of production, design and programming effectiveness. Throughout the development of his e-shop, we will work according to the Principle of Masaledo and support Andreas in the role of his consultants, programmers, designers and retailers.

Recommendations: Speed Repair Direkt GmbH – Repairs to Trucks and Tents

FLICKLY – Prevents anger when the material fails

Flickly is a self-adhesive product developed in Germany, intended for repairing cracks in various materials. Originally, Flickly was developed for repairs to trucks and their tarpaulins to avoid unnecessary downtimes on borders or during police checks. However, further ways of application have been discovered recently. They include, for example, repairs to tents.

Marketing Friends GmbH provided support to the owner of the company Speed Repair Direkt GmbH in the development of his e-shop. We developed graphics, implemented it and optimized the e-shop for search engines. We also came up with the name of the product, “FLICKLY”, and created a suitable slogan “Avoids Anger When Material Fails”, so that the product could be marketed better. Since that moment, the company Marketing Friends GmbH has become the partner of the company Speed Repair Direkt GmbH and it supports the business in selling its products as well as in the operation of the e-shop.

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