case 4: consulting and customer care

masaledo-prinzip – consultancy to optimize the e-shop



Susanne has had her e-shop for her own designer and fashion brand for a year. In this way, she has opened another marketing channel for her. The design of the e-shop has been aligned with the corporate design of her company. The e-shop features a great recognition value, which is very important to Susanne. Susanne is looking for a partner, who will help her spread the popularity of this e-shop. Of course, she does not want to be overshadowed by an umbrella brand, but she wants to retain her own design.

Thanks to the company Marketing Friends GmbH, a partner with specialists in the sales of products of this e-shop stands by her side. Our services are all offered in a way, so that you do not need to act under the Principle Masaledo.

the Team Direkt Onlineshop for coverage and protection

TEAM DIREKT Onlineshop for tradesmen is your specialist in clean and dust-free working. Here you can find professional and high-quality products preventing the formation of dust and dirt on construction sites, in new buildings, during refurbishment and modernisation. This will give a perfect image for customers. The right products for the protection against dirt and damage will support your innovative approach, dealing with customers, and they contribute to the key factor for the success and future of your business.

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